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6056 A Fine Pair of Shaft & Globe Decanters

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This is a fine quality pair of mid-19th century decanters.  The spherical bodies are cut overall with fine pyramids with flattened tops, the cutting being particularly sharp. The bases are star-cut while the necks are cut with hollow squares and hexagons beneath the flared rims.

The decanters are in excellent overall condition without chips or cracks and the stoppers are facet-cut on waisted panel-cut shanks.

While the decanters and stoppers obviously started life together, one stopper has had its 'peg' (the part which goes in the neck) shortened and this has been taken into account in the pricing.

Date: c.1850

Dimensions: 12", 30.5 cm. hugh incl stoppers

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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