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6057 A Fine Victorian Claret Flask

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Flask-shaped decanters and claret jugs enjoyed a brief, if very popular, fashion in the 1870s.  On 20th May 1874 a design for a claret flask was registered in which a neck ring was used to prevent wine from dribbling onto the table or its cloth and re-directed back into the body of the flask.  This was accomplished by slanting the neck ring at an angle which took the flow of the drip to the handle side and at its lowest, a small hole was drilled in the glass so that any errant drips finished inside with the remaining wine!

This is one such claret flask, but is more than just that.  It is also finely engraved with foliage and tendrils across which is boldly engraved the legend "CLARET" in an amusing, rustic font.

The flask is also engraved with a cotton-reel band around the neck and the hollow ball stopper is engraved to match the body.  The loop handle is deeply moulded with ridges.

Holding a full bottle, this is both highly deecorative and functional.

Dimensions: 9.6", 24.4 cm high incl. stopper

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