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6515 A Fine Set of 4 Decanters in Sizes.

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It is really quite rare to find a set of four decanters in sizes - two that hold a full bottle and two for half-bottles - just perfect for a small dinner party where two clarets, say, might be compared and preceded by a half-bottle of white wine and followed by a dessert wine.

I have known this set for 40+ years, although I had to acquire them over a period of time as the original owner was unwilling to sell one of the full-bottle decanters!  She had her sherry in it. I had to tempt her with a bottle of extrememly good claret as well as a cash settlement!

The decanters are a standard 'prussian' design with panel-cut shoulders and fluted bases.  Each have three neck rings which are facet cut and with target or bull's eye stoppers.  The facet-cut neck rings are a pointer to high quality and this is echoed by the overall standard of manufacture.

One decanter has had a repair but it is not visible to the naked eye and has been done so well as to be almost negligible - although I have reduced the price by a substantial percentage.  In other respects all four decanters are in excellent all-round condition with no cracks or chips and are clear - without any internal cloudiness.

Date: c.1800

Dimensions: 11.4", 29 cm and 9.8" 25 cm. incl. stoppers

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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