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6537 A Silver Wine Funnel with Embossed Decoration

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This charming wine funnel is smaller than some but is made from good gauge silver.   It is embossed with a broad band of flowers and foliage within cusped borders and on a matted ground.  It is in good in good condition with a full curve to the spout.  it has reeded edges to the rim and strainer and has a waisted tang.

It has not been possible to determine th maker, whose mark has been overstamped by another - rendering both illegible!  However, the hallmarks are clear to read.  There is a monogram within a cartouche which is consistent with what one expect in 1808 which suggests the embossed decoration is original as the cartouche is pat of the decoration.

Date: 1808

Dimensions: 5.5", 14 cm high

Weight: 3 oz. 15 dwt., 114 grams

Price: UK customers £485, US customers $655, Euro customers €560, Australian customers $850

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