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6540 A Fine Prussian Decanter with a Norwich Engraving

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This is a fine 'prussian' decanter with three neck rings, panel-cut shoulders  and fine fluted base. The panel-cutting to the lower shoulder has been adapted so that an engraved roundel could be wheel-engraved and the same has been effected to the basal flutes.

The roundel  is finely engraved with a brigantine (see Wikipedia) in full sail and in a choppy sea within the legend "NORWICH A PORT - SHIPS & COMMERCE".  The decanter is fitted with an inverted pear-shaped stopper with a central lenticle.

A very similar decanter is in the collection of Norwich Museum where the decoration is attributed to William Absolon, but this may well be challenged.  The museum's example also appears to be lacking its stopper.

This is an excellent decanter in fine condition without any chips cracks or cloudiness and is very fit for purpose.

Date: c.1815-20

Dimensions: 10.8", 27.5 cm high incl stopper

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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