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9551 A Finely-drawn Mahogany-framed Sofa

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This is a rare English mahogany sofa of the Hepplewhite period, and having influences from that great designer.  It is unusual on several counts, but they all make for a useful and very elegant piece of furniture.

First, its size: it is large enough for two large people, but three small ones would be a squeeze.  Second, it is unusually deep from back to front, and this means that it is comfortable for a large person to sit in - surely an important requisite; usually small sofas are shallow in the seat.

Third, the upholstry has been done in the traditional way.  The cover is soft mid-tan leather, but not the sort which will take a shine.  Importantly, the sofa is 'stuffed', not sprung, which means that the seating is firm, not 'spongey'.  This kind of suffing can be a little too hard for some people, but care was used to ensure a 100% stuffing in white horsehair which is a great deal more resilient and comfortable than the usual black hair which compresses quite easily to become hard. Chairs and sofas were never sprung upholstered until the 19th century, and 18th century frames were not constructed to withstand the additional stresses that springing presents.  The solid brass nailing of the upholstry follows the original nail holes.

The mahogany frame is all original with one minor exception - the middle rear leg.  There is also a replaced bracing bar , but this is quite acceptable restoration.

Date: c.1780

Dimensions: 48" wide

Price: UK customers £4,200, US customers $5,670, Euro customers €4,830, Australian customers $7,350

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