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9740 A Mid-18th Century small Wine Glass

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This is a small wine glass made in the early years of the reign of George III. It has an almost hemispherical bowl, resting on a bold plain stem and low conical foot.

Before about 1780, wine glasses were small because the etiquette at the time demanded that wine was only taken at the dinner table when a toast was given. At that point, a footman (servant) would bring a small glass already charged with wine, and the contents would be consumed in a single draught before being handed back to the footman for re-charging for the next toast. The glass did not remain on the table for drinking ad lib.

Date: c.1760

Dimensions: 5.3", 13.5 cm. high

Price: UK customers £110, US customers $150, Euro customers €125, Australian customers $195

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