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9807 An Impressive Enamel Wine Label for PORT

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This is a fine enamel wine label for port. The label is decorated with sprays of flowers, fluting vine and with scrolling foliage on a creamy-white ground.

The famous factory which made enamel (i.e. colored glass fused onto sheet cooper) wine labels is the York House factory in Battersea (London), and the name associated with Battersea is Simon Francis Ravenet, an expatriate Frenchman. There were, however other centers of enamelling in England at this time, and a little earlier, and these were in Staffordshire, Birmingham, and elsewhere. This label has the sure-footed design elements that suggest that it was made in London, although it is not a design that has previously been associated with Battersea. Another aspect which points to a London provenance is its size - similar to those from the Battersea factory. Most enamel labels are notably smaller being about 2" wide.

The label is in excellent condition with one small chip on the lower edge, and a small hairline crack in the enamel.

Date: 1748-1753

Dimensions: 3" wide

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