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9844 A Silver-mounted Champagne Decanter

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This is a half-bottle champagne decanter with a silver mount simulating the foil and 'cork' of a champagne bottle. The silver is hallmarked for 1895, and is engraved with a complex monogram. It was made by the celebrated firm of Heath & Middleton.

Champagne decanters of this form enjoyed a brief period of popularity in the 1890s, and were made in sizes from quarter-bottle to jeroboam.

From other champagne equipment to be seen on the antiques market, it can be easily deduced that it was highly popular in England following the introduction of 'dry' or 'brut' champagne first ordered for the English market in from Perrier Jouet in 1848. Before this, all champagne had been sweet.

This bottle is Illustrated in Great British Wine Accessories 1550 - 1900 (pl 12/47)


Date: 1895

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