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9878 A Sterling Silver Soda Siphon Coaster

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Soda water and other carbonated drinks became very popular at the end of the 19th century, and soda water was dispensed in re-fillable siphons with wire mesh cages. To hide the wire mesh they were usually placed in tall coasters.

Over 90% of all soda siphon coasters were silver plated, but a few were made of silver, and this is typical. They almost all date from 1895 - 1920 whwn their popularity was at its height.

This one was made in 1910 and typically has a wavy rim and a pair of lug handles. It is of a good solid gauge and is in fine condition.

Today these coasters are used for bottles, rather than soda siphons, and they do the job admirably.

Date: 1910

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