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9895 A Good Simple 'Prussian' Decanter

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The ultimate practical decanter?  Perhaps, yes!

The body is a broad taper/Indian club form with three plain neck rings.  It has an inverted pear-shaped stopper which has a bevelled edge.

From the practical standpoint, the decanter holds a full bottle with ease  - 75 cl. comes well below the bottom neck ring - and the neck rings afford a good grip to be taken.  It is bright and clear with no cracks or chips, and what abrasion there is to the body is minimal and is not unsightly. (Perhaps it needs saying that all antique decanters have a certain amount of abrasion from years, centuries, even, of use.)  Another plus, is that it pours without gurgling, so that wine is disturbed to the least amount when being poured.


Date: c.1800

Dimensions: 11.25", 28.7 cm. high incl. stopper

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