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9927 A Fine Set of 6 Silver Wine Labels

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This is a fine set of 6 wine labels made in 1828 by Charles Reily and George Storer who were specialist wine label makers.

They are formed a triple vine leaves pierced with the names of the wines - CLARET, SAUTERNE, CHAMPAGNE, HOCK, MADEIRA, and BUCELLAS.
Bucellas is a white wine from an area south of Lisbon, and was much favoured before the mid-19th century.

What singles this set out from many others (not that there are all that many sets of six to be found today), is that they are in pristine condition. It would almost seem that they have not been used, but kept in a safe place throughout their existence.

It is curious that the most obvious model for a wine label - a vine leaf - was not first thought of before about 1820. The 3-leaf label is much less frequently seen than the single leaf pattern.

Date: 1828

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