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9980 A 'Frosted' Glass Icing Jug

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This is not, stictly speaking, a wine jug.  It was probably originally intended for serving lemonade (home made, of course), but it would do excellent service for white wine, as it has an 'icing pocket'.  This takes the form of a pocket, or bladder of glass, blown into the side of the jug near the handle, and into which ice can be put without its diluting the contents.  Georgian decanters with this feature are very rare.

The jug is a handsome baluster shape and comfortably holds a bottle (75 cl).  The external surface is 'frosted', that is, it is finely matted and translucent.  The rim and the handle are clear glass.

The handles is not cracked - the line midway along its height is an optical illusion caused by the lighting.

As a postscript, I think I should add that white wine or champagne is ruined by being too cold. The ideal temperature for white wine is about 12 degrees C - give or take a degree or two; it is not anywhere approaching zero.  However, that does not stop hundreds of restaurants dunking an already-cold bottle in a bucket of ice beside your table!  When will they learn?

Date: c.1880

Dimensions: 10.4", 26.3 cm. to top of handle

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