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Lectures and Presentations

Robin Butler is available to lecture, or less formally give talks, on a variety of antiques-related subjects. Among the subjects of recent talks are the following:

  • Silver & Gold in the Service of Wine
  • Fakes, Forgeries, and Other Problems
  • Antique Wine Accessories
  • The Current State of the Antiques Market
  • What is an Antique?

In giving his talks or lectures, Robin uses Powerpoint presentations, but sometimes uses objects to demonstrate and illustrate his talks. His delivery is light and sometimes humorous, but full of factual information peppered with fascinating insights. His memorable talks engage his audience, inviting questions and stimulating real interest, and were recently described as 'Edutainment'!

Corporate Gifts

An antique wine accessory can be an excellent gift to a client, parting partner or employee. Butlers Antiques are delighted to discuss the needs of a business and to tailor that need to what is available.

Search Services

Where we do not have an antique which has been asked for, we are often happy to locate it from outside our current stock.  We have numerous contacts in the antiques trade, and auctioneers, and pieces found this way are often less costly than our customers finding them from the same or similar sources.