Butler's Antiques Newsletter August 2018 No 96

Tuesday 28th August 2018 at 12:25

As usual, I start by extending a warm welcome to my new customers and to those receiving my newsletters for the first time.

The big news is that I have a new website and it will be up an running early next week - Tuesday I hope, but it may be a day or two later depending on 'settings'!  Do have a look as it is a much improved vision of what I have and do.  I am definitely excited about it.

I hope I can look forward to a real surge in the number of people accessing my website and perhaps reacting positively!

My New Website

The website I have been using has lasted for over 9 years, so I am not complaining!  

My new site has been designed by PH9, a firm specialising in sites for antiques dealers, but what appealed to me was the simple appeal of the sites which they have put online and which appear fresh and 'of the moment'.

By the time you read this, the site will not be 100% up and running, because I have a few items and text to upload over the coming days, or even weeks, so please return  to see what has been added or adjusted.

I would really like to hear your opinions, so do email me especially if you have any constructive comments!  My e.mail, as if you didn't know, is RNHB@ME.COM (in lower case if you prefer).


The Next Steps

Much of my time for the past days and weeks has been spent 'populating' the new website.   PH9 provided the website, but the putting of each item of my stock, with its description, price and measurements, not to mention the images, has been down to me.  One of the benefits of the new site is that I can download many more images per item, not that I always feel the need for more than one or two.

As time progresses, I am sure I will become more proficient as this newsletter, for example, is now done with Mail Chimp which is compatible with the new web-host's platforms.  My former provider was Constant Contact, which, while good, and very intuitive, but it was costing me, while Mail Chimp is free for the number of newsletters I send each month, so that is another bonus.

With all this going on, there has been little time for buying and selling - except for a few very pleasant exceptions.  I am very much hoping that my everyday life of finding fresh stock and then selling it, will return to normal very soon.  

Please do visit my twitter page... @wineantiquesman