6587 A good pair of Champagne pliers and corkscrew

6587 A good pair of Champagne pliers and corkscrew

Code: 6587

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This is a standard pair of champagne pliers or snips, but they are in quite exceptional condition - and they have an integral corkscrew.  They are nickel-plated steel, fitted with a brush to remove errant rubbish from the neck of the bottle and the corkscrew is a reeded helix.

This is not an uncommon model, although to find one with a corkscrew is much less common than those without.  However, the special atribute of this corkscrew is that the nickel plating is almost totally intact and the pliers seem almost unused; they usually show signs of having been misused by trying to cut something too hard.  

Champagne enjoyed huge popularity in the closing years of the 19th century until the outbreak of the great world war and nowhere more so than in England where a substantial range of accessories were made to enhance its appeal.  This is one such and as good an example as one is likely to find.