3017 A good 'drawn trumpet' goblet

3017 A good 'drawn trumpet' goblet

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This is a fine example of a variety of large goblet which enjoyed much favour around the middle of the 18th century.  It is quite plain, and unlike many the stem does not have a 'tear drop' within it.  Indeed, the stem is a continuation of the bowl, gently tapering towards the foot which is a low conical form and with a folded rim.

The folded rim to the foot - usually called a 'folded foot' means that there is not a sharp edge which can be easily chipped.  It is rare for folded foot glasses to be damaged on the foot which is testament to the inginuity of the makers and to the fact that many survive intact.

THis design has been frequently copied or reproduced in the 20th century, famously by Dartington, but very few copies have folded feet.

Date: c.1750

Dimensions: 9.25", 23.5 cm. high

From the collection of Hugh Johnson Esq.