3018 A fine and very large cup-bowl goblet

3018 A fine and very large cup-bowl goblet

Code: 3018

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This is a quite extraordinary glass because not only is it a very large goblet, but also because it is a cup-bowl shape.  It would also be an utterly wonderful glass from which to enjoy a fine burgundy or even a cognac.

The bowl is almost hemispherical, but is somewhat taller and curves inwards at the lip, making it a very practical glass.  It rests on a plain stem and on a conical folded foot.

The glass is finely made, although there is a small (1/8", 0.2 cm) air bubble on one side of the bowl - which can be seen in our photograph, and which does not detract from the glass.

Date: c.1760

Dimensions: 7.8", 19.8 cm. high

From the collection of Hugh Johnson