3021 A fine set six of opaque twist wine glasses

3021 A fine set six of opaque twist wine glasses

Code: 3021


Georgian wine glasses of the period 1750-70 are not uncommon, but to see a set of six in excellent condition is a rarity.  They are a real set - not  six glasses that look similar.

Each glass has a rounded funnel bowl resting on a stem comprising a central gauze within a pair of corkscrew threads - a Double Series Opaque Twist (DSOT) stem, and sitting on a conical foot.  Each glass is well-made, and there are no apparent chips, cracks or any other defects.  It will be noticed that there are minor differences in the height of each glass; this is quite normal in an age when all glasses were made by hand.

Wine glasses generally of this period have small capacities.  This is because they were only intended to hold a single draught of wine which was all that was needed to take part in a toast, before the glass was handed to the footman for re-charging for the subsequent toast.

Date: c.1760

Dimensions: 6.1"-6.3", 15.4 - 16 cm. high

From the collection of Hugh Johnson Esq.