5252-4 Four similar Georgian plain goblets

5252-4 Four similar Georgian plain goblets

Code: 5252-4

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Good, straightforward mid-18th century wine glasses of a size which is practical in today's drinking habits, are not easy to find, but here are four lovely examples.  They are larger than the standard size for the period and collectors call this size a goblet, but by today's standards they are a good average size to from which to enjoy a fine wine.  They are not a set, but have been assembled by a collector over a period of time; this is an advantage because further examples could be found to enlarge the group.

They all have ogee bowls on plain solid stems and low conical feet and with rough pontil marks, but there are slight differences between them - one being somewhat lower than the others, but not so much as to be noticeable if they were on a dining table.


These goblets are available separately at £350 each.

Date: c.1750 - 70

Dimensions: 6.5", 16.5 cm. - 7",17.7 cm. high