6626 A very unusual and practical mid 18th century goblet.

6626 A very unusual and practical mid 18th century goblet.

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This is a very unsual large drinking glass, or as such an item is known in collecting circles, a goblet.  It is rare to find an 18th century glass which fulfills the needs of today's wine connoisseurs, that is one which curves in towards the rim to concentrate the bouquet towards the nose when drinking.  Not only that, but the capacity is not the small amount which was taken at the dining table when it was made; it is generous even by modern standards, but without being gross.

The bowl of the goblet is of baluster outline (or tulip shape if you prefer)  and it rests on a plain stem and conical foot which is 'folded' at its edge.  It was made c.1750-60.

An expression which was much used in antiques dealing circles many years ago was that something "stands well" and this goblet certainly does that.  It looks purposeful and is aesthetically pleasing - form following function, to use another well-worn phrase.

As I write this, the glass is very new to me; I bought it only an hour ago and I feel strongly inclined to use it tonight when I have my usual glass of red wine with my supper.   I may even use it tomorrow... and the next day if I still have it!

English c.1750-60, 8.1", 20.6 cm. high