6635 NEW  A pair of fine silver tumblers by William Lee

6635 NEW A pair of fine silver tumblers by William Lee

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£950.00 each or £1800 for the pair Approx $1306.74, €1112.41

This is a pair of tumblers made by a great 'up and coming' Korean artist/silversmith, William Lee.   All his work is hand raised from sheet silver and in 'fine' silver, that is, it is 99.9% pure silver.  These are recent productions, having been made in 2019.  He graduated from the Camberwell College of Art 15 years ago and studied under Hiroshi Suzuki whose work has been hightly influential.  Lee's work may be found in Cambridge Colleges, national museums ( including the V & A) and in presigiiious collections.  His mark, registered at the London Assay Office reads “SHL” - Sang Hyeob Lee - his name in his homeland. 

When held in the hand, these tumblers are very tactile and they perform their function excellently - we know that because we have tried and they are very comfortable from which to drink.    They will easily hold a gin and tonic, a moderate beer or a large glass of wine.  The actual capacity is half a pint or 300 ml.

The rims measure 3.4" , 8.6 cm. in diameter and they stand 2.75", 7 cm. tall.  They weigh an impressive 16 oz, 9 dwt., or 512 grams together.