4080 A fine shouldered decanter engraved 'MOUNTAIN'

4080 A fine shouldered decanter engraved 'MOUNTAIN'

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This is a fine example of a 'shouldered' decanter, and is the transitional shape between the early shaft & globe (see 4081) and the sugar loaf, where the widest part of the body is higher, and the lower half tapers outwards.  It is solidly blown and is a fine 'colour'.  It retains its original (probably) stopper of the facetted spire type.

The body is engraved with a 'label' for MOUNTAIN suspended by an engraved 'chain' and with sprigs of lily of the valley, a bunch of grapes with vine foliage and tendrils.

Mountain is a fortified dessert wine made from white grapes grown inland from Malaga. If the number of silver wine labels engraved for 'Mountain' are anything to go by, then mountain was a very popular wine in the period 1740 - 1830, but it is very difficult to locate in the 21st century.  Date: c.1750-60

Dimensions: 11.3", 28.7 cm. high incl stopper