6507 A fine neo-classical carafe attributable  to James Giles

6507 A fine neo-classical carafe attributable to James Giles

Code: 6507


This is a remarkable carafe.  It is of mallet shape (like a carpenter's or stonemason's mallet) and the neck is cut with shallow diamonds with horizontal lines.  Around the base is a double row of pear-shapes, one upright, the other inverted.

The main body of the carafe is finely engraved with two paterae and two bucrania from which are suspended ribbon-tied garrya husks and laurel wreaths.  Above and below this formal decoration are two similar narrow bands of "OXO" cutting the circles polished, the 'spears' matted.

The base has a wide polished pontil, while the edge has been ground and polished flat (although the flat area shows the usual scratch marks associated with decanters of this age where they have made contact with the surface on which they have been placed).

The somewhat unusual treatment of the neck and the underside both have a non-British 'feel' to them, but the design and highly fashionable and sophisticated decoration are just what one might expect from the workshops of someone like James Giles working in London in the 1760s-70s.  Also as a carafe - it is not a decanter missing its stopper - it is unusual.

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Date: c.1760-70

Dimensions: 9.6", 24.4 cm high