6595 A Plain 'prussian' decanter with target stopper

6595 A Plain 'prussian' decanter with target stopper

Code: 6595


This is a standard classic Georgian decanter, often called a 'prussian' decanter  as apparently that is how they were designated originally.  This particualr one is devoid of any decoration, except that it has three neck rings, which give a good grip and which became the standard pattern.  

The decanter holds a full bottle of wine with ease, leaving sufficient space above the wine for it to 'breathe'.  It is also very easy to pour from.  It is very fit for purpose.

It would pair very well with 6594 - although bought separately, they are very similar and would be almost indistingishable from one another on a dinner table.  The price for the two is £320.00  

 English, c.1810, 10.7", 27.2 cm high incl. stopper.