6597 A Georgian 'Bristol blue' taper decanter

6597 A Georgian 'Bristol blue' taper decanter

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This is a good George III 'Bristol blue' decanter of plain tapered form.  The stopper looks as if it may be associated, but it is of the same date and is true to type.   Decanters like this are great for serving white wine or water and it will hold a full bottle of wine.

Bristol blue' is used to denote a particular colour which was made by adding cobalt oxide to the clear glass melt.  The cobalt oxide is a naturally occurring mineral and was imported by William Cookworthy, a Bristol merchant who obtained a monopoly.  Because glass-makers all over the UK had to buy their colourant from Bristol, it became known as 'Bristol blue'; it does not mean that this decanter and others so described were made in that city. 

The decanter is in excellent condition and fit for use.

English c.1780, 11.8", 30 cm. high incl. stopper.