6625 A fine 'prussian' decanter with mushroom stopper.

6625 A fine 'prussian' decanter with mushroom stopper.

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THis is a much better-then-usual decanter from the opening years of the 19th century.  Formerly called 'classic' shape, they are more generally called 'prussian' decanters today.  This example has two neck rings (not the usual three), which are facet-cut, while the nack and shoulders are panel- or slice-cut.  The lower part of the body is cut with narrow flutes and the stopper is of star-cut mushroom form.

At 5", (12.8 cm) wide at the base it is larger than many decanters, while not being of magnum capacity.  

It is eminently useable, bright and clear without any chips or cracks - quite simply, a very good decanter.

English c.1810