6629 A prussian decanter with mushroom stopper

6629 A prussian decanter with mushroom stopper

Code: 6629


This is a 'classic' Georgian decanter, the shape being known as a 'prussian'.   The barrel-shaped body has three plain neck rings above the shoulders which are slice-, or panel-cut, while the base is fluted.

In many respects, this can be said to be the pefect decanter because it pours well without gurgling, and the wine can be seen perfectly.  The cutting (fluting) around the base refracts wine through wine inside enabling a better view of the wine inside than if the decanter had been plain.  We used to be often asked for plain decanters, but seeing the advantages that moderately cut decanters offer, there is really no argument!

The decanter is bright and clear without any chips or cracks and holds a full bottle of wine with plently of space above to let the wine 'breathe'.  It is a very practical wine accessory and highly fit for purpose.

Enclish c.1810,  9.9", 25.2 cm. high including the stopper.