5169 A good 18th century MAGNUM  engraved taper decanter

5169 A good 18th century MAGNUM engraved taper decanter

Code: 5169


The taper decanter as a form is as simple as it comes; it is also practical and elegant. This example is a magnum which is unusual to find.  The decanter has a horizontal band of lightly wheel-engraved decoration around its middle comprising tastle-tied festoons suspended from a rope and 'spears'.  The decoration is repeated on a smaller scale around the neck also.   The decanter has a bevelled inverted pear-shaped stopper.

This decanter is an English model, but the colour of the glass (it has a blueish hue) and its relatively light weight together a few imperfections in its making suggest that it is soda glass - not used in Britain.  There are several 'inclusions' in the glass where specks of dust became embedded in the 'melt' when the decanter was being made (one of these can be clearly seen in the detail image of the engraving) which all point to a Continental European manufacture.

The decanter is in very good condition without any chips, cracks or other damage and is very fit for purpose.

Date: c.1780

Dimensions: 14.2", 36 cm. high incl. stopper

Weight: 750 grams