9335 A fine Regency centre table

9335 A fine Regency centre table

Code: 9335

£2,850.00 Approx $3920.22, €3337.24

This is an unusual centre table, because it looks as if it should be a sofa table with a flap at each end, but it never had those appendages; it is in its original configuration and looks very well like that.

The table is veneered with rosewood and with holly or boxwood inlaid decoration consisting of outling lines around the top with curliques at each corner.  The table has two drawers, edged with boxwood stringing and with their original rosewood knob handles and flanked by rhomboid inlays. 

The table is supported on a square waisted column, also outlined with boxwood above a gilded collar.  The base is a concave section supported on outswept legs ending with brass paw casters - again all outlined with boxwood.  The rear of the table has two dummy drawers that look like those at the front, which enable it to be placed in the centre of a room and be seen from all sides.

The table is in excellent, but unrestored condition and is very 'fit for purpose'.