9551 A fine George III mahogany-framed sofa

9551 A fine George III mahogany-framed sofa

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This is a fine sofa made c.1775 with a moulded mahogany frame, on square tapered legs and with tan leather upholstry.  It is a very practical piece and has several slightly unusual features.  First, it is of small dimensions and made to seat two people - three would be a squeeze!   However, while it is small, it is quite deep in the seat - most smaller sofas are shallow from back to front, so not comfortable.  This one is!

Springs were not introduced into English furniture (with one small exception) until the Victorian era.  The upholstry is achieved with webbing and stuffing.   Most stuffing is of black horsehair with a little wadding, but for the finest stuffing white horsehar is used as it has considerably more resilience - it compresses and rebounds, and continues to do so over the years.  100% white horsehair, which is considerably more expensive, was used to upholster this sofa.  The leather is fine quality and is edged with brass (not brassed steel) nails in the correct manner.

The mahogany used in this sofa is very high quality, being close-grained and threrefore able to take a fine moulding and polish.  The square tapered legs end with steel casters with laminated leather rollers which are original.   Apart from the upholstry, which closely mimicks the original and one under-stretcher (which cannot be seen unless you turn the sofa upside0down), the entire piece is in excellent condition.

Overall dimensions :- 52" (132 cm,) wide, 29" (74 cm.) deep and 36" (91.5 cm.) high

Date c.1775