6505 A Narrow conical Georgian ship's decanter

6505 A Narrow conical Georgian ship's decanter

Code: 6505


This is an unusual ship's decanter becuse it is so tall and narrow - but it is still a ship's decanter.  

What a 'ship's decanter is, is determined not only by a wide base but also by the quality of the 'melt' of glass; ship's decanters tend to be noticeably heavier than ordinary decanters and this is no exception.

The upper section of the decanter is panel-cut as is the lower two inches, leaving only a narrow horizontal band left uncut.  It holds a full 75 cl. bottle and pours well.

The second image shows four ship's decanters making an interesting comparison, this one being on the left.

Date: c.1800

Dimensions: 11.5", 29.2 cm. high incl. stopper.

Weight: 825 grams