A fine etched, engraved and matted claret jug

A fine etched, engraved and matted claret jug

Code: 6001


This is a stunningly good claret flask - the decoration being superbly executed.  The general form of the claret jug is standard - a typical type of its date.  It holds a full bottle easily, pours well, and is very attractive.

The decoration on either side of the body comprises three flowerheads (chrysanthemons?) with foliage and florets filling the entire side, while the loop handle  has a simple arrangement of wheel-engraved dots.  The hollow balloon-shaped stopper  is engraved like the body, but in much smaller scale.

The jug is in fine condition with no cracks, chips or cloudiness - just minor wear to the underside commensurate with its age,

Date: c.1880

Dimensions: 10.2", 26 cm high incl. stopper