A rare pottery bin label for Constantia

A rare pottery bin label for Constantia

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This is a most unusual bin label and an actractive one.  The first reason for its rarity is the name of the wine - Constantia -  among the best of South African wines and a vineyard I have visited!  Constantia labels are very seldom seen.  The second reason is that the wine name is not in capital letters like most bin labels. They were painted with capital letters so they could be easily read in a dark cellar.  The third reason for its rarity is that it was not made by Spode, Wedgwood or one of the famous potteries; it bears an impressed mark which reads "STONE CHINA - TR & CO"

I am not the leading pottery and porcelain specialist, but I think the mark is that of Thomas Rathbone & Co of Portobello near Edinburgh who operated between c.1810 and 1845.  Perhaps it is not surprising that I bought it from an Edinburgh man!

The label is of the standard rounded 'coathanger' shape.  There is no visible damage and it is unrestored, and the small degree of warping (it is slightly bowed) adds an extra attractive dimension.

Date: c.1830

Dimensions: 5.6", 16.8 cm wide