A Victorian decanter of exceptional quality

A Victorian decanter of exceptional quality

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This is a Victorian decanter of stunning quality.   It is clearly a decanter on which time and effort has been expended in large measure, both in its design and execution.  While at its simplest, it can be described as a shaft-and-globe decanter, it surpasses that standard model in many ways.

The body is profusely cut into six circular panels, the centres of which are comprised of  vertical panels of fine hobnail cutting and flanked by plain long and large navette-shaped cabochons.  The neck rises from the body on a slice- or panel-cut section above which are lozenge facets (some call these hollow diamonds).  The body rests on a petaline star-cut foot and the decanter has a heavy, but hollow, ball stopper cut to match the body.

Like most, if not all man-made objects, decanters came in a variety of qualities, and this example is very much at the head of the queue!  It was clearly carefully considered in the design stage and was executed by a very skilled craftsman to exacting standards.

Date: c.1860 - 80

Dimensions: 12.4", 31.5 cm. high incl. stopper