An exceptional pair of Georgian three-bottle decanters

An exceptional pair of Georgian three-bottle decanters

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This is a really exciting pair of decanters, each of which holds three bottles with ease. They were made in the closing years of the 18th century during the reign of George III and are in exceptional  condition with no chips or cracks and they are bright and clear without any cloudiness.

They are of a form known a taper decanter - for fairly obvious reasons - and the stoppers are pear-shaped with bevelled edges.  Some call these 'lozenge' shaped stoppers, but I can see no reason for this as lozenges have angular corners!

Decanters of this shape are often considered by wine connoisseurs as perfect as they pour very easily without gurgling.  They are also utterly plain which gives a good sight of the wine without any interference of cutting.  Of course, a pair of 3-bottle decanters means that a 6-bottle case can be served without constant decanter replacement - not something we all do every day, but...!

The second image shows one of the decanters with three x 75 cl. of water in it - so as you can see , plenty of room for the wine the 'breathe'.

The last image shows the pair of decanters with a single-bottle decanter to give an impression of their relative sizes.

Date: c.1775 -90

Dimensions: 15.5", 39.5 cm. high incl. stoppers