To make a purchase

Thank you very much for arriving at this page of my website!

If you wish to make a purchase, please make contact first to check that it has not been sold already.  The stock number (inventory if you are stateside), which precedes the description, is our easiest reference.  We try to keep the website up-to-the-minute, but there can be the occasional lapse.   You can either e.mail me on or on (that's RNHB, not MHB) or call me on  +44 (0) 7831 194 997. 

Please note that  all transactions are done in £s sterling (GBPs).  I would like you to buy in your own currency, but my bank charges heavily for that privilege.  

My preferred method of payment is by direct bank transfer, which is the cheapest way of paying for both you and me.   My bank sort code is 23-05-80 and my account number is 14580492 and my IBAN is GB43MYMB23058014580492, and the BIC is MYMBGB2L.  Cheques are to be avoided if possible please, as I have to drive 20 miles to my bank to pay them in, pay to park then drive home again! 

A few years ago I checked to see how much I was being charged for using my card terminal.  I was very disheartened to see I was being charged about 8% - sheer bank greed!  As a result I handed in my terminal and I regret I no longer take card payments.  Transfers are so much cheaper for everyone anyway.

For buyers outside the UK, there are many ways to transfer money avoiding the excessive charges by banks and Paypal.  Search engines throw up several suggestions if you type in "International Money Transfers" and the one we have used is TransferWise - but there others.  They will need the address of my bank which is Metro Bank, 1 Christ's Lane, Cambridge, CB2 3BZ.   They may also need my postal address, which is 18 Churchill Avenue, Haverhill, Suffolk CB9 0AA, UK. 

All couriers require your telephone number so please include that information with your order.