6534 A silver-mounted champagne decanter by Heath & Middleton

6534 A silver-mounted champagne decanter by Heath & Middleton

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Champagne became enormously popular in the closing years of the 19th century following its being adopted by the British in its dry (brut) sparkling form.  Numerous champagne accessories were devised, particularly by the British, and among the most delightful and spectacular are champagne decanters formed to look like the champagne bottle - except that the 'foil' was replaced by silver and the green glass with clear.

This is a fine example made by Heath and Middleton who specialised in silver-mounted glass wares and this is an entry about the firm:- "The firm was established in Birmingham in 1855. In 1875 the firm entered its mark in the Birmingham Assay Office, while in 1879 the founders Jonathan Wilson Hukin and John Thomas Heath entered their mark at the London Assay Office.

The firm was active at Imperial Works, Great Charles Street, Birmingham and in the showrooms at 19 Charterhouse Street, London. J.T. Hukin retired in 1881 and in 1886 J.T. Heath continued the partnership with John Hartshorne Middleton.
In 1904 the business was converted into a limited liability company under the style Hukin & Heath Ltd. 

The firm is well known for its production in the 1870s and 1880s of silver and electroplated wares under the guidance of Dr. Christopher Dresser."

The decanter has a very high kick-in or punt to its base and the walls of the decanter are very mildly ribbed.  It is in excellent condition and the inside of the hinged lid shows traces of gilding.  It is fully hallmarked

Date: 1896

Dimensions: 13", 33 cm high