6562 A pair of Victorian shaft-and -globe decanters

6562 A pair of Victorian shaft-and -globe decanters

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This is a very typical pair of Victorian decanters.  They have compressed globular bodies below elongated necks. The bodies are quite sparsely cut with stars above oval printies and interspersed with vertical grooves.  The bases are star-cut and the necks are panel- or slice-cut, while the stoppers are facet-cutballs above waisted stems.  One decanter has an internal flaw in the glass (see second image); it does not affect its practicality and could very easily go un-noticed.

The decanters are in very good condition with no cracks or chips.  One stopper has a peg (the part that is inserted in the decanter) which has broken so missing the lower cm., but it can barely be seen when inserted in the decanter.  The decanters also have a very pale green-ish hue to the glass.  Ostensibly they are clear glass, but a slight hint of green is apparent in some lights, although it would not be noticed on the dining table with wines inside.  This latter feature has allowed me to offer them at a very modest price.

They hold a full bottle each with ease.

Date: c.1860

Dimensions: 10.9", 27.5 cm. high incl. stoppers