6607 A rare Victorian magnum decanter with snake neck ring

6607 A rare Victorian magnum decanter with snake neck ring

Code: 6607


This is an unusual, rare even, decanter of magnum capacity with a silver-mounted rim and snake neck ring.  It is only just a magnum, but two full bottles can be accommodated - and even very easily if a small taster is taken first!

The basic outline of this decanter is  the shaft & globe, but this example is very unusual. The neck rings, which make it easier to hold a decanter, were first introduced in c.1790-1800 and those in the form of a snake appeared very soon afterwards.  However snake-ring decanters have always been a rarity - particularly at this date (1895)  The head of the reptile is more accurately modelled than most we have seen.  

The lip has a silver mount which is clearly original (ie not put on later to hide a chipped rim) and is hallmarked for London in 1895.  It also bears the makers' mark for William Hutton & Sons who were to become one of the most prolific firms of silversmiths in Britain in the early 20th century.

The decanter is very gently ribbed vertically and the heart-shaped hollow stopper is also an unusual feature.

London, 1895

The decanter is 16", 40.6 cm. high.