6617 A Bohemian double overlay decanter

6617 A Bohemian double overlay decanter

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This is a very pretty mid-nineteenth century coloured decanter.  It is unusual in that it is not just 'cased', that is the body of clear glass overlaid with coloured glass, but it is doubly overlaid - opaque white over purple over clear glass. 

Beneath the tricorn rim, the slender neck is panel cut to reveal the purple glass beneath the white, while below that, there is a broad band decorated with bunches of grapes and vine leaves.  The lower section of the body is cut with broad flutes and the conical stopper is cut with ovals of two sizes.

There are English versions of this type of decanter, but the proportions of this one suggest a Bohemian origin (see the third image which includes a pair of similar English decanters on the right side.

Bohemia (Czechoslovakia) c.1860