6624 A large and impressive magnum decanter

6624 A large and impressive magnum decanter

Code: 6624


This is a truly impressive decanter for both its size and weight; it  stands 14.4" (36.7 cm.) high and weighs 7lb., 13.4oz ( 3,555 grams).  Not surprisingly it holds two bottles of wine very easily, indeed three bottles can be accommodated, but they do not leave any room for the wine to breathe, so we call it a large magnum.

The entire body of the decanter is cut with diagonal V grooves, each centred by a cross, with blazes on the shoulders.   The neck is cut with hollow diamonds above pear-shaped printies.  The star-cut mushroom stopper is solid - without an air bubble.

The decanter is bright and clear with no chips or cracks and certainly has quite a 'presence'!  While this decanter is not strictly an antique (at least not by our standards), neither is it new.  It was made in the opening years of the 20th century - say c.1920.  For this reason it is considerably more affordable than a Victorian counterpart, let alone a Georgian one.

English c.1920