6039 An unusual water or wine jug

6039 An unusual water or wine jug

Code: 6039

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This rather magnificent jug was probably intended originally for water - and it would work very well in that capacity.  However, there is no reason why it should not be used for wine.  It will hold a full bottle comfortably and pours very well.

The jug is of baluster outline and well cut with oval 'printies' or 'olives' between vertical and horizontal V grooves and with a star-cut base. The neck has unusually large prismatic cutting beneath a panel or slice-cut neck, while the rim is shaped and of ogee form.  It has a bold loop handle cut with a shaped thumbpiece.

Apart from one tiny 'nibble' to the rim, there is no  other evidence of damage and the jug is very bright and clear. 


Date: c.1830 - 40

Dimensions: 9.5", 24.1 cm. High