6542 A fine Victorian silver-mounted claret jug

6542 A fine Victorian silver-mounted claret jug

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This is a very fine Victorian claret jug which exemplifies many aspects of taste in the 1880s.  The silver mount has a neo-rennaisance feel to it, although the leaf-capped scroll handle is more rococo.  Below the pouring lip and below the handle the glass is cut with complex hobnail cutting, while the flat sides are each beautifully wheel engraved.  

On one side an owl sits on a branch beneath a crescent moon and stars, while on the other side, a bird flies over bullrushes, reeds and ferns in front of a rising sun.  The feeling is quite 'Japonesque' as one would expect in the 1880s.  Each engraving is framed within radiating fine flutes

This is a very high quality claret jug and when made was in the height of fashion.  The silver bears the makers mark of Rupert Favell and the hallmarks for London 1883 are well struck and clear.  The hinged lid with its embosed foliate decoration appears to be unmarked.

The glass is in excellent condition - bright and clear with no chips or cracks and is very fit for purpose..  

Date: 1883

Dimensions: 10.8", 27.5 cm high