4042 A very large mahogany coaster

4042 A very large mahogany coaster

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This impressive coaster is very large, and was almpost certainly made by James Mein of Kelso (in southern Scotland).  The mahogany used is typical of that found in early 19th century Scottish furniture.  The edge of the coaster has complex turning, and the top surface is slightly convex, so the base of any decanter resting on it would need to be concave.

There are numerous reasons to ascibe this piece to James Mein.  First there is the size; almost all his coasters are between 9 & 10 inches diameter.  Second, his coasters invariably seem to have three brass casters set into the underside, and have laminated leather rollers.  Third the mark, where the  mahogany used in the making was secured to the lathe on which it was turned is not only always present, but the same size also.  A few of his coasters bear his trade label, or if not, the 'shadow' where it was once glued to the centre of the underside, can usually be seen.  While this coaster does not bear a label , nor a 'shadow' where it once was, all the remaining 'trademarks' of Mein's work are present.

Date: c.1825 - 40. 

Dimensions: 9.5", 23.2 cm. diameter