5056 An unusual mahogany MAGNUM coaster

5056 An unusual mahogany MAGNUM coaster

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This large mahogany coaster was made early in the 19th century.  it is quite tall as coasters go - 2.2" or 5.5 cm. high.  It has an ogee outline  - a very squat vase shape if you prefer, and it is topped with an astragal moulding,  The internal sides are plain vertical.

The timber used in this coaster is fairly pale, which is unusual, but typical of early 19th century mahogany.  There is a small triangle of wood which appears at first sight to be a repair, but the colour of the mahogany and the patination each suggest that it is something done when the coaster was first made.  This opinion is reinfroced by the sides of the triangle being straight, which they would not be if it had been damaged and repaired.  The underside is baize lined although the burgundy-coloured baize is not original.

This coaster will comfortably accommodate all the magnum decanters we currently have available.

Date: c.1820

Dimensions: 7.3", 18.6 cm. external diameter, 5.75", 14.6 cm. internal diameter