5237 A French silver tastevin or taster

5237 A French silver tastevin or taster

Code: 5237

£460.00 Approx $632.74, €538.64

This is a French tastevin dating from soon after the Revolution.  It is a conventional model of good gauge 800 standard silver having a plain shallow bowl and a loop handle in the form of a snake.

It bears the maker's mark CA in a lozenge, but no date letter, but it does carry the marks of the period 1798-1809 and, we think, from the provinces.  It is of good solid gauge and is fit for purpose.

Like most French tastevins, it is engraved in an amateur hand around the outside rim with the name of the original owner, in this case 'J LABORI' 

Date: 1798 - 1809

Dimensions: 3.3", 8.3 cm. diameter (across the bowl)

Weight: 2 oz. 11 dwt., 80 grams