6027 A French silver tastevin (wine taster). Angers 1744

6027 A French silver tastevin (wine taster). Angers 1744

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W: 7.5cm (3")D: 10.2cm (4")

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This is a delightful tastevin and it has a fine patination and 'feel' of being what it purports to be - an 18th century French silver wine taster. I am not, and do not pretend to be, an expert in deciphering French silver hallmarks, let alone provincial ones, but I have consulted with someone who is and they have told me that it was made in Angers in 1744.  I have no reason to doubt their ascription.  

The shallow bowl is plain - without any indentations or decoration, although the outside, near the rim is stamped "CP . PLAUD CELESTIN".  The rim is caulked, that is it has been hammered from the top to give a thick edge, which adds considerably to its strength; it was, afer all, an aid to the wine grower/merchant, which he would have used on a daily basis.

Wine tasters (Fench tastevins) were often given by those in the wine business to their sons soon after birth.

As yet, we have been unable to determine the maker(s).

Date: 1744 ?

Dimensions: 3", 7.5 cm dia bowl, 4", 10.2 cm long (over handle.

Weight: 2 oz. 7 dwt., 73 grams