6623 A rare coaster with spindle sides

6623 A rare coaster with spindle sides

Code: 6623

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This is an unusual coaster, probably made to take a small decanter, but it takes a full bottle just as well.  It is made from a pale timber and a dense one, but it is not easy to say which one.  It is probably not boxwood, but it could be holly, pear, apple or a variety of other timbers.  It retains much of its original varnish, which while giving it a fine patina, does not aid timber identifiaction.  The base is baize lined, as is the underside.

The sides are formed of thirteen inverted-below-true balusters, supporting the top rounded moulding.  As can be seen in our illustrations, it holds a full bottle of champagne very well.

It measures 5" (12.7 cm.) externally, 4" (10 cm.) internally and is 2.6" (6.5 cm.) high.