2045 A Georgian oval mahognay wine cooler

2045 A Georgian oval mahognay wine cooler

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W: 61cm (24")H: 71cm (28")

£3,950.00 Approx $5433.29, €4625.29

This is a standard, but nevertheless good quality English oval wine cooler. Made of fine, straight-grained mahogany it is of staved construction with brass bands, carrying handles, hinges and casters. The interior has its original lead-lining and there is a bung in the base to remove melted ice.

All mahgany wine coolers, when they were first made in Britain (that is from about 1735), were open-topped. From about 1770 they began to be fitted with hinged lids and were soon joined by octagonal and hexagonal models.  It is at about this time that they acquired brass bands as supportive decoration.

This example is in good original condition with just one small and old repair to the back of the lower brass band. Unusually the body and stand are made as one piece - they do not come in two sections.

Date: c.1780

Dimensions: 24", 61 cm wide, 28", 71cm. high